Friday, June 1, 2012

Coco Fresco: Buko Juice and Buko Shake

Growing up in the south, where coconut trees grow abundantly, I have this natural appetite for buko (Filipino translation for coconut) and any food or drink made with it.

Grated young coconut meat is perfect for fruit salads. It is also fantastic for pies like the buko pies in Laguna. Local dishes prepared with gata (coconut milk) like ginataang monggo (mung beans with coconut milk), laing (taro leaves with coconut milk), ginataang manok (chicken stew in coconut milk), and ginataang langka (unripe jackfruit in coconut milk) are simply delectable. Coconut water in itself is already refreshing. But you can add milk and sugar to make it creamier and tastier. Add some ice, blend it to make buko shake--delicious!  What is not to like in buko?

When I first tasted Coco Fresco buko shake, I can't resist falling in love with it. It is yummy and healthy too. The ice is fine. The milk makes it creamy but doesn't overpower the buko taste. And it is not that sweet--just perfect for my taste. What's more?  You can enjoy a serving of Coco Fresco Buko Shake for just Php35 (small size).

Strawberry and pandan flavor (taken via Android)
Coco Fresco offers buko shake in flavors: Ube (purple yam), caramel, pandan, and strawberry.

Photo credit: Coco Fresco

photo credit: Coco Fresco

If you just want plain buko juice, enjoy a chilled Coco Fresco buko juice.

photo credit: Coco Fresco

Where to find Coco Fresco stores:

SM City Pampanga
SM City Clark
SM Tarlac
SM Marikina
SM North Edsa
SM City Marilao
SM City Baliwag
Waltermart San Fernando
Savemore Apalit
Savemore Balibago
SM City Rosales
SM City Sta. Rosa
SM City Manila
SM City San Lazaro
Marque Mall
SM City Masinag
SM ity Bicutan
(source: My Gastronomic Adventures)

Coco Fresco also offers business opportunities for Filipinos.

photo credit: Coco Fresco

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As an add-on, you can enjoy your favorite drink with chia seeds. It doesn't only add a nutty and crunchy texture but it gives your body the nutrients and the benefits it needs.


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