Thursday, November 21, 2013

Purple Pad Thai, Angeles City

There is no such food as purple pad thai but there is a restaurant called as such near the System Plus College Foundation Building in McArthur Highway, Balibago. They also have a branch at SM where they are strategically located at the center of the food court.

Obviously, Purple Pad Thai caters to Thai food lovers.

"Purple PadThai Restaurant’s menu appeals to a wide adult market seeking a different Asian cuisine. It includes a variety of authentic and appetizing Thai appetizers , salads , soups , noodles, special fried rice, stir fries, curries, desserts and beverages. The menu features over 30 popular traditional Thai dishes like pad thai noodles, tom yum soup, bagoong rice, chicken pandan, seven varieties of curries and its signature Thai iced tea with milk. The food can be prepared spicy or mildly spicy. Purple PadThai Restaurant only uses fresh ingredients and the food is served hot off the stove. The menu is regularly updated as inspired by Chef Israel “Yel” Cunanan’s culinary creativity and personal travels in Bangkok."
(Source: Facebook)


The resto's interior is modern and simple. It actually felt like a typical restaurant you would often see in Thailand. You wouldn't see a lot of colored purple stuff inside except for the tables.

You may ask for the menu but you can actually just look at the board where they have written their specialties.  And while waiting for your order to be served, you can take advantage of their free wifi. - Purple Pad Thai, Angeles City


My first Purple Pad Thai dining experience is pretty good even if I was a little bit disappointed with the pad see iew. It was, however, offsetted by the other delicious dishes that undoubtedly are worth coming back.

I love the spicy and flavorful nuts they served for free. It has this taste and aroma from the lemon grass. - Purple Pad Thai, Angeles City

The green chicken curry was excellent. As a ginataan (dish cooked with coconut milk) lover, it instantly captured my heart and my taste buds. The dish is is a hot and spicy chicken curry with coconut milk, eggplant and kaffir leaves. - Purple Pad Thai, Angeles City
green chicken curry - Purple Pad Thai, Angeles City

The pad see iew is a noodle dish mixed with some greens. It wasn't really that flavorful. We added some nam pla but it seems we couldn't get the right taste hence, we were not able to finish it up. I brought it home though. When I eat it the following day adding more fish sauce and a bit of sugar, it taste a lot better. - Purple Pad Thai, Angeles City
pad see iew

The papaya salad was good. My friend love it. But because I am not really that fond of sour-sweet flavor, it really didn't got me. - Purple Pad Thai, Angeles City
papaya salad

For our drinks, we ordered Thai iced milk tea and iced-blended Thai green tea, which were good.

If you are to ask me if I would come and dine again? Sure, I definitely will. Purple Pad Thai is quite a common name. Their presence in SM makes it more a familiar brand to the public. Their menu looks appealing and I want to try their other dishes.

Purple Pad Thai
Phone: +63 917 5006091
           +63 927 5856803


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  2. The same Pad Thai ba sya ng nasa gateway mall?

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Mar. As far as I know wala pang branch yung Purple Pad Thai sa Manila area e. So, I guess it's not the same one.


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